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1. Is the Payment safe at your Shop?
Yes absolutely we use an SSL Encryption Certificate .More specifically, SSL is a security protocol. SSL allows sensitive information such as credit card numbers  and login credentials to be transmitted securely.
Your Credit Card Informations are 100% safe and encrypted.

2. Shipping and Delivery

Although your order is processed within 48 hours, standard shipping is 2 to 6 weeks for Europe delivery. Some items may arrive sooner than others, however most fall within the 4-6 week delivery window.

We understand that this can be a long time to wait, so that's why we try to keep prices as low as possible for you.


3. Where do you ship your Products from? 

We are located in France, however we also have shipping centers overseas. Depending on inventory levels and delivery timeframes, we may ship from multiple locations to speed up your order delivery.


 4. I have ordered many items. How will they be dispatched?

We work with numerous suppliers worldwide.When you place an order, each Supplier takes care of a particular Product. If you order 5 different items,you will receive 5 packets which will not be delivered together.If you order 3 same items, they will be delivered together.


5. How to know the status of my order ?

If you have created an Account, just read the Status of your Order.If you did not create an Account click on "Order tracking" and enter the Order Number and the email you gave when placing your order.  


6. Where do you deliver your Products ?

We ship Worldwide.


7. What I have don't receive my Product? Do you garantee the Delivery?

 We 100% guarantee delivery of every item. If you do not receive your order within the delivery window, simply contact us using the Contact Page and we make sure you are taken care of. However, please be sure that you are outside that delivery window before you contact us - otherwise we cannot do anything until we are certain the item has not arrived.

8. How can I contact you ?


By e-mail  : or

by Message to our Facebook Fan Page directly from the Boutique

You can contact us:

  • in English
  • en Français
  • Auf Deutsch
  • in Italiano
  • en Espanol




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